Shelf-stacking/planning service

New E Group does not just supply new goods to the markets regularly or as required. Upon request, we can also stack these into the shelves and presentation holders for you, and perform the planning for you in such a way that the product displays are continuously maintained and stocks are filled. Always on schedule, always with the greatest care. This is because we always want everything to be as convenient and simple for you as possible. And when we have new ideas for how we can present your products even better, or optimise processes, you will receive corresponding suggestions from us.


PoS promotions

Optimal product presentation in the standard positioning is one thing. But that is not enough for us. This is why we join you in considering what measures we can undertake at the point of sale to draw even more attention to your articles. In short: we support you in presenting your products in such a way that they become real eye-catchers. This can include e.g. special positioning, attention-grabbing special displays, or conspicuous promotional offers. This is because, above all, we have one objective: to create the best conditions for you to achieve consistently high sales!


Sales support

A company that wants to optimise its sales needs detailed knowledge of its products and product ranges, and naturally must also have good sales arguments. This is why New E Group uses "DIY Teams", who conduct regular employee training courses in accordance with a prearranged schedule, training the sales teams and supplying them with information and supporting materials to promote sales. This is made possible by close communication with our partners, who likewise keep us and our DIY Teams up-to-date on the current status of all products.


PoS product presentation

The top priority for the presentation of your products at the point of sale: they should be eye-catching and appealing! Only in this way can your products be positively differentiated at the first glance from the articles of your competitors, and motivate customers to buy. Particularly in the surroundings of large chains and in specialist retailers with a good assortment, this is a real challenge. This is because the company's own rules for product presentation must generally be complied with, and corresponding inspections must generally be passed in advance, e.g. relating to shelf or display presentation. New E Group can take care of all these factors for you. And if you wish, we can help you to develop your own new sales displays, allowing the optimal presentation of your products.


Presentation development

New E Group drafts individual display creations for your company, and develops sample structures and presentations that fulfil the respective conditions at the point of sale. Naturally, we also obtain the corresponding approvals for you. In addition to this, we ensure that your products receive optimal placement, and upon request we can take over the entire marketing setup. At our company offices in Landscheid, we have additionally set up our own showroom, in which we present example prototypes and marketing setups.



As producers or traders, it is sometimes not easy to get into certain markets. Protracted approval processes, time-consuming formalities, and complicated regulations in the international trade of goods are just a few of the reasons why, right from the start, some companies are excluded from certain distribution channels and sales markets. This is why New E Group has developed intelligent solutions and strategies to ensure that your company can successfully take advantage of markets that previously seemed inaccessible. As an authorised representative, we buy your products, take care of the trade logistics, place the products in suitable markets in cooperation with your sales division, and sell the products there on your behalf. All direct contact with your customers remains fully in your hands the entire time!