Warehouse management/inventory management

Few subjects are often as underestimated in logistics as warehouse management and inventory management. This is all the more astonishing, as they offer significant economic opportunities on the one hand, and on the other hand also conceal considerable risks, which must be avoided. New E Group is an expert in this field thanks to its detailed knowledge of product flows, and, if required, New E Group can handle the entire warehouse management and inventory management processes for your company. With the aid of a comprehensive planning of orders and storage capacities, which is set up in advance over a period of months, plus precise control of supply chains, and meticulous monitoring of processes, we can ensure on your behalf that scheduling problems, delivery bottlenecks, excess capacities and warehousing space shortages become things of the past.


Intelligent process systems

In order to be able to guarantee smooth processes within the supply chains of national and international trade, New E Group operates its own IT departments and computer centres, and utilises intelligent process systems. The basis for the ERP, and for the control, management and analysis of the data, is SAP, while the logistics management utilises SwissLog. Special processes such as bills of material for sales, picking and packing by scanning for error-free shipping, a wide range of EDI connections, and various automatic processes in communication with trade partners, are just some of the resulting options. Your workload is thus significantly decreased, allowing you to concentrate on your core business


Order picking/packaging/shipping

One major component of traditional logistics services is order picking, packaging and the shipping of orders. Naturally, New E Group can also take care of this if you wish. Using intelligent process systems, e.g. picking and packing by scanning, we ensure that all orders are handled without errors and within a very short time. All of this is independent of how many articles need to be collected per process, what type of packaging is required, and what form of shipping is used.