Sea/air freight

In international trade between continents, they are indispensable: secure and reliable sea and air freight!

This iwhy New E Group has for years been working closely with the Bremen-based logistics company Brelog.

As a full-service logistics company, Brelog handles all aspects of international freight transportation on our behalf – whether sea freight or air freight.


European freight network

Freight shipments within Europe are handled by New E Group with an experienced and proven freight network.

All partners in the network are characterised by absolute reliability and adherence to schedules, and work hand-in-hand.

For a smooth supply chain, and thus for the economic success of your company!



Modern trade is inseparably connected with logistics. Especially when it is international in scope.

It is therefore naturally the case that the portfolio of New E Group also includes the traditional logistics services, e.g. accepting and handling orders, transport and transshipment, warehousing, warehouse management, and inventory management.

But even with the "basics”, as we call them, we do not just follow a rigid formula, but always tailor our modular services to fit your individual needs.

And if your requirements change, we react quickly and flexibly. Because our focus is always directed towards one goal: the effective, cost-optimised, and on-schedule flow of goods.