Webshop management

The same applies for webshops as for stationary businesses: they need to be managed and continuously maintained. Placing new articles, removing expired ones from the product range online, adjusting prices, starting special sales promotions, and much more. You can either do all of this yourself – or simply delegate it to New E Group. This saves you time, and you can rest assured that established experts are taking care of your online business!


Warehouse IT system

Electronic trade has developed rapidly in recent years. Not just in Germany & United Kingdom, but worldwide. So that everything can run smoothly with E-commerce, a warehouse IT system is required that can take into account all standards, but also every possibility. And it must adapt quickly and reliably to new requirements and demands.


B2B and B2C

E-commerce has many advantages, both for the business and for the end user. A webshop allows goods to be offered and sold to specific target groups – not just nationally, but internationally. And it does so significantly cheaper than through the traditional sales channels such as chain stores or sales outlets. New E Group has developed corresponding strategies and solutions, both for B2B and for the B2C area, in order to make use of the respective advantages in an uncomplicated and profitable manner.